WELCOME BACK TO TRIPLE TRIAD ADVANCE !! New things are lined up for 2019 and we hope you can join us. It is FUN and FREE TO PLAY !! There are NO DOWNLOADS AND NO MONTHLY FEES !! This IS Triple Triad at its finest.....Play with the best, play at TTA !

TTA Time
10h57m Monday 23 September

TTA Forums

TTA Announcements: This is where members of staff will post game announcements, or anything that will affect players in general. Only staff members are allowed to create topics under TTA Announcements, players are allowed to reply but not create topics.

General Discussion: Here is where players can talk post stuff about Triple Triad or anything else, as long as it fits in with the Code of Conduct. For more information on the Code of Conduct go HERE.

TTA Garden: This is an informal area where players may like to talk about TTA related and non TTA related issues,
such as unbeatable hands, strategies or perhaps wishing another player Happy Birthday.

Quest Feedback: This is an where players may post about a TTA Quest related issue or just post topics
about the quest in general. Other players can and will respond to your post.

Questions/Answers & Suggestions: Post questions you have relating about Triple Triad Advance and someone will be able to answer it. It is advised to read the other posts first to see if your question may have already been asked.
Other players will respond to your post, usually within minutes, and hopefully answer your question.
Tip: In the Subject box make sure to put what the question will be about.

Bugs and Problems: Post any bugs and/or problems you experience on Triple Triad Advance.
The post will be checked by an admin, who can hopefully solve your issue.

Clans: To fully understand clans make sure to check under the Clans Section of the tutorial. Posts are not to be made that say "Want to join a clan" or "Looking for a clan". Instead have a read around of several different clans and see which one may take to your liking, some like big clans, others may like well-structured clans. Then post a reply to that clan on the thread with the subject matter as "Joining". Some clans may require certain information so please be sure to understand as much as you can before posting.
Also remember "attacking" other clans and their members is not permitted.

Clan Tournaments: Tournaments created and run by clans. Some may or may not be open to the gaming community. It's best to check that out before signing up for one.

Official Tournaments: Only staff can create topics here. Here is where the staff create tournaments for the
Triple Triad Advance community to participate in.

Player Tournaments: Players create and run these tournaments. Some of these may require an entry fee such as a card or perhaps some points. If you are creating a player tournament, make sure to clearly state on the opening message the decks, levels, rules, entry fee (if applicable), prize (if applicable), current number of participants and the maximum number of participants and how it is going to be run. Players running these may also ask players to give contact info so it is easier for players to arrange game times. Tip: To ensure players are more likely to play each other let the tournament be open only to people who mainly play during a set time period. Use the TTA clock as a reference.

Trading: Here players create topics stating which cards they are willing to trade with other players. If the topic is no longer needed please change the topic subject from whatever it originally was to "Closed". An admin will then delete this topic when they see it. Players can look for wanted cards here or put some up for sale themselves.

TTA Fun: TTA Fun is made of players and is for the players. Here you will find various contests and competitions to win cards and points. TTA Fun has weekly prizes so get involved !

Trivia: Think you know everything about a certain topic? Well even if you're not the trivia buff feel free to have some fun here. If a topic has not been replied to for several days then it may be deleted. This means that if a question has not been correctly answered in five days then it is free game for anyone to ask the next question. Have fun!

TTA Quest Den: A place to discuss TTA Quest issues.

Custom Cards: Post cards you have made. If you want some templates go HERE. When posting cards make sure they are your own work, if they are not make sure to clearly indicate to whom they belong to. To display your cards you must make sure they are already on a website, then do this: [img]Insert_the_URL_of_the_card_here[/img]. Please post a minimum of one card and a maximum of 22 cards. When replying to custom cards remember they are only custom, so obviously don't flame other cards.

Entertainment: A place for discussion on books, movies, music, and games.

Fan Art/Fan Fiction: A place for creative minds who just wanna show off their stuff.

Custom Game Boards: A place to for discussion on player created custom game boards.

Sig/Avatar Requests: If you are looking to have a avatar or forum signiture created, other people will be happy to help.

TTA Pack Tests: Testing TTA card packs.
Large amounts of packs from all the decks are bought a couple times a year to see the card distribution.
The results are posted here for players to see how many of each card was distributed.

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