WELCOME BACK TO TRIPLE TRIAD ADVANCE !! New things are lined up for 2018 and we hope you can join us. It is FUN and FREE TO PLAY !! There are NO DOWNLOADS AND NO MONTHLY FEES !! This IS Triple Triad at its finest.....Play with the best, play at TTA !

TTA Time
02h26m Monday 21 January

Custom Cards

- Use a large size picture to begin with, as it better to shrink a picture than to expand it.
- Try to get good quality pictures.
- When looking for pictures think about how it will look when finished - make sure that you can see the background!
- Feel free to develop your own backgrounds, number sets, borders etc to show of for originality.
- Practice, practice and more practice!

Custom Card Templates/Frames/Numbers/Elements:

*Save these templates so they are easy to access.


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