WELCOME BACK TO TRIPLE TRIAD ADVANCE !! New things are lined up for 2019 and we hope you can join us. It is FUN and FREE TO PLAY !! There are NO DOWNLOADS AND NO MONTHLY FEES !! This IS Triple Triad at its finest.....Play with the best, play at TTA !

TTA Time
02h46m Sunday 22 September

Triple Triad Advance Past Tournament Winners

Triad Wars

Triad Wars I
Triad Wars II
Triad Wars III
Triad Wars IV
Triad Wars V
Triad Wars VI
Triad Wars VII
Triad Wars VIII
Triad Wars IX
Triad Wars X
Triad Wars XI
Triad Wars XII
Triad Wars XIII

Clan Wars

Clan Wars I Winner (2003) - FS Clan
Clan Wars II Winner (2004) - Triad Elite
Clan Wars III Winner (2005) - Zodiac Braves
Clan Wars IV Winner (2006) - Zodiac Braves
Clan Wars V Winner (2007) - Avalanche
Clan Wars VI Winner (2008) - Devas
Clan Wars VII Winner (2009) - Triple Triad Trinity
Clan Wars VIII Winner (2010) - Paradigm Shift
Clan Wars IX Winner (2011) - Brotherhood of Seed
Clan Wars X Winner (2012) - Brotherhood of Seed
Clan Wars XI Winner (2013) - Brotherhood of Seed
Clan Wars XII Winner (2014) - Brotherhood of Seed

SE Tournaments

SE Sephiroth
SE Cid
SE Vincent
SE Cloud
SE Tifa
SE Cait Sith
SE Nanaki
SE Rufus
SE Squall
SE Barret
SE Yuffie
SE Garland
SE Selphie
SE Edea
SE Irvine
SE Rinoa
SE Ward
SE Zell
SE Aeris
SE Seifer
SE Quistis
SE Kiros
SE Laguna
SE Tidus
SE Rinoa
SE Rinoa II
SE Rinoa III
SE Rinoa IV
SE Rinoa V
SE Rinoa VI
SE Rinoa VII
SE Rinoa IX
SE Rinoa X
SE Rinoa XI
SE Gilgamesh

TTA Championships

TTA Championship I
TTA Championship II
TTA Championship III
TTA Championship IV
TTA Championship V
TTA Championship VI
TTA Championship VII
TTA Championship VIII
TTA Championship IX
TTA Championship X
TTA Championship XI
TTA Championship XII
TTA Championship XIII