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TTA Time
10h39m Monday 23 September

TTA Quest

TTA Quest is an optional MMORPG game where you can make extra points and cards for your TTA account.
To locate the link check the left menu after login. It is a good idea to check the Quest Help link on the bottom menu
in TTA Quest which will give you a few pointers to help get you started.

In TTA Quest you will journey through various cities, mines, ruins, dungeons, and a vast world in search
of the Card Masters in order to defeat them and bring peace back to the land.
What makes it really interesting is you have literally hundreds of people around you doing the same thing.
On your journey you will earn cards and points for your account that you can you use in playing TTA
as well as some special cards not available anywhere else.

I am sitting in quest. What do I do?
Check the bottom menu in quest. Click on the "Quest Help" link. This will help you get started.

I have run out of stamina and can't move. What do I do?
You can purchase potions and roots cheaply with TTA points available in the "My Account" link in the left menu.
Once you get going and playing TTA Quest, lots of potions/items/money etc are easily found and playing the TTA Quest is very self sufficient. Also many clans will give members potions and items to help them out. Make sure to check into clans upon reaching your first city.

More questions?
Check the TTA Forums and the TTA Quest section there. Also there is #ttaquest, a channel on the
TTA IRC server where you can ask questions.

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