WELCOME BACK TO TRIPLE TRIAD ADVANCE !! New things are lined up for 2019 and we hope you can join us. It is FUN and FREE TO PLAY !! There are NO DOWNLOADS AND NO MONTHLY FEES !! This IS Triple Triad at its finest.....Play with the best, play at TTA !

TTA Time
11h02m Monday 23 September

TTA Lottery

The TTA Lottery is a random draw every week where a player can win thousands of points !

The cost to enter the lottery is 100 points and your entry fee goes towards the jackpot. To enter the weekly draw simply click on the Lottery link the the left hand menu after logging in. You will see last weeks winners posted and you will have the option to enter the next draw by clicking the enter lottery button.
You also have the option to see who is already entered for the next draw.

You can only enter once per account and all entries are final. Once the lottery timer reaches zero, THREE randomly chosen entries will split the points (~5000 points each), the lottery will reset and a new draw will begin.

You can of course enter every week and winning does not disqualify you from the next draw.
It is a great way to make some extra points !!

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