WELCOME BACK TO TRIPLE TRIAD ADVANCE !! Many new things are lined up for 2017 and we hope you can join us. It is FUN and FREE TO PLAY !! There are NO DOWNLOADS AND NO MONTHLY FEES !! This IS Triple Triad at its finest.....Play with the best, play at TTA !

TTA Time
06h47m Monday 18 December


Triple Triad is a mini game featured in Final Fantasy VIII. For many years there have been online triple triad games to play against other real players in real time which has spawned a whole new community of players.

We had decided to make our own Triple Triad game, which is named Triple Triad Advance. In it we have added extra additions such as the various Final Fantasy decks as well as non-Final Fantasy decks like Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest, and Xenogears. Triple Triad Advance works in similar ways to the Final Fantasy VIII Triple Triad but there are differences! This tutorial was made to help players learn all about Triple Triad, as well as showing some of the basics of game play.

Good luck and have fun!

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