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Elemental Rule

In the upper right of some cards you may have noticed an element icon.
Below are some examples:

On Triple Triad Advance there are nine elements, they are: earth, fire, holy, ice, poison, shadow, thunder, water and wind. For elements to be in the game the rule must be chosen when the game is being created - just like "same" for instance. When a game begins elements are randomly placed on any of the nine spots on the playing board, this means a spot will either be normal or have one of the nine elements located on it. If you play a card on a spot with an element and both elements match then all the values on the card are increased by one. If on the other hand you place a card with a different element or no element on an elemental space then the card's values drop by one.

An Example:(note the -1 value when a card is placed in a non matching elemental spot.)

Since the card recieved a -1 all values have dropped by one and is easily overtaken.

Elemental values also apply to the combo rule such as the following:

Although cards can gain -1 or +1 values, the gamerules Same, Plus, Samewall, Pluswall are not affected and the cards original values are used when making one of these plays.

An Example:

Even though a non elemental card played in spot 3 will result in a -1 the value is not taken into account when using Same, Plus, Samewall, and Pluswall moves.

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