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TTA Time
10h42m Monday 23 September

Combo Rule

Combo can be your best friend and your worst enemy. Combo can only be initiated by four different ways: Same, Plus, Same Wall and PlusWall. When one of the other rules (Same, Plus, Same Wall or PlusWall) has occurred it plays Combo into action. The cards flipped by the rule can consequently flip other opponent's cards in connecting places if the card just flipped has higher side value than the adjacent card's value. Consequently this card can also Combo connecting cards…and so on until there are no opponent cards left connecting that have lower values.

Here is an example:

Now when the page loads or refreshes we won't see the "Middle Stages" and will go directly to the "End Stage".
Tip: Combo is mainly about luck in closed games but as your develop your skills more you may learn ways to "Combo Safely", think about the Same rule or Plus Wall.

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