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TTA Time
10h15m Monday 23 September

Basic Rules

The game takes place on a three by three grid, totaling nine spaces.
Players in turn place cards until all nine spaces are filled. The first turn is decided randomly. The number of points is equal to the number of cards that are your color that are on the board or still in your hand.
Player One's cards are blue and are on the right side of the screen, Player Two's cards are red and are
on the left side of the screen. To change an opponent's card to your own color you must place a card with a higher value than your opponent's on the adjacent side.

Below is an example:

Player Two's score has lost one and Player One's score has gained one because 6 is greater than 3. An opponent's card will not flip if the adjacent values are less or equal to your card. It is possible to flip over more than one of your opponent's cards as long as your card has higher adjacent numbers. When all nine spaces have been filled the winner with the most points (cards that are their color) wins the game. A tie occurs if players have the same number of points.

A timeout occurs when a player does not play within the required time limit. If you timeout in your game with trade rules on you will also lose cards according to the trade rule selected.

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