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TTN News
Written by: Brise

In the realm of TTn in times recent big things have been happing, and in particular 3 more decks have been added, with two further ones on the horizon. In particular the Star Wars, Ragnarok Online and World of Warcraft decks, and it is my pleasure to introduce you to the stunning work on these decks.

First we have the stunning World of Warcraft deck, made by Spd, very nicely stylised and going beyond all expectations.

Next we have the Star Wars deck, made by Kamikaze, which took the bold initiative of making cards from real life images.

Then of course there is the Ragnarok Online deck, made by CoolBlueX, and the authors personal favourite TTn deck.

And finally the much awaited Zelda Deck, made by Dalamar himself, it is a massive undertaking, and one I can’t wait to see how it turns out when it is released.

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