Summer is finally here! Well, in the Northern Hemisphere at least. Get your snow shoes on southern hemisphere. But at least we can agree on something no matter how hot or cold is outside. We all can enjoy the newest release of the Occult Fan! Here’s what we’ve got in store this month!

Homer graces us with multiple articles in this edition as we enjoy some writing from one of TTA’s most colorful characters.

After many tries and shortcomings, the Devas have finally won Clan Wars! Let us take an in-depth look at how this all happened and what the clan has on the horizon moving forward in the clan focus!

Can you say Elysian? The craze is back to TTA in a big way! Find out everything you need and then some!

Former editor and editor-for-the-day, Kaus Debonair, takes his turn in the interview chair. Find out what kinds of intrigue Sachi has for him!

All this and much much more in this edition of the Occult Fan!

Written by Kaus Debonair

The Players

The Clans

The Community

Homer’s Corner
Written by Homer

Written by Grat

Player Interview
Written by Sachi

Elysian Fields
Written by Kamikaze

Kausie Coinflips
Written by Kaus Debonair

Clan Focus
Written by Kaus Debonair

Written by Kaus Debonair

Card of the Season
Written by Yoshiken

Clan Index

Help Wanted!
Written by Kaus Debonair


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