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Author:  masteraleks [ Sat Aug 13, 2016 10:39 am ]
Post subject:  Battle Royale Mafia

Ok, I have been so gracious as to borrow some of Yoshes rules from the previous game, just because I can't bother to write all again.

Signup Rules:
- Send me a message with your username (for the player list) and your chosen character.
- Games will be played under character accounts. Your character choice will have no bearing on the mechanics of the game.
- The game will be Role Madness (everyone has a role, although some roles may be passive).
- The game will be minor Bastard Mod (some actions may not work entirely as intended, but no false information will be given by me.)

General Rules:
- Editing posts is forbidden at any stage of the game.
- - If you want to edit to spellcheck, don't bother.
- - If you want to edit to clarify a point, "EBWOP" stands for Edit By Way Of Posting. Double-posting is fine in Mafia for this purpose (although don't abuse this).
- - To this end, I would ask other players report if they see that a post has been edited at any time.
- No talking outside of the game topic unless your role PM says otherwise.
- - This will always include the Mafia team, who are able to communicate separately, but may also include a range of other roles.
- No screenshots, direct quotes or anything similar from role PMs. If you claim your role, it must be written in your own words.
- - This includes both in-topic and any communication outside of the topic.
- Once you are dead in-game, you may not post in the game topic any more.
- - If you specifically want to make an in-character death post, it will be allowed if you run the post past me first.
- - Death posts may not influence the game in any way. They may not include opinions, actions, results, etc in any way.
- Breaking any of these rules will result in removal from the game. Depending on severity, it could lead to a ban from the next game(s).

- When we have 12 or more players with characters chosen, I'll get character accounts set up.
- I will message each player with their character account and the password. Role PMs will be sent to character accounts.
- Read role PMs carefully and reply from the character account to confirm that you've understood everything.
- - If you have ANY questions about your role, this is the best time to ask!
- - Once everyone is confirmed, the game will begin. I can't guarantee fast replies to messages, so any questions may be answered too late to be relevant.

Night Phases:
- The game will begin on a day phase (Day 1).
- Players are not allowed to post in the topic during the Night Phase unless otherwise stated.
- To submit actions, PM me from your character account with all relevant information for your role.
- - For the Mafia team, each player must send their own actions. It is not enough for one player to send all actions in.
- Night Phases will have a time limit of 24 hours. Any actions not received in this time will not be used if able, and will hit a randomly chosen legal target if they must be used.
- - This also applies to any illegal actions (for example, a player attempting to target themselves with a role that cannot self-target).

Day Phases:
- Day Phases will last for 48 hours, except for the first day which will last for 72 hours.
- You must post in the game topic at least once during each Day Phase. Failure to do so will result in a mod-kill at the end of that day.
- Voting for other players must be done using ##Vote: PlayerName at the beginning of a line.
- - Having the vote in the middle of a line will lead to the vote not being counted.
- - Having the vote not be bolded or without the hashes will lead to the vote not being counted.
- It is possible that some actions will take place during the day. These actions will either occur in the game topic or will take effect at the end of the day.
- If a player reaches a majority vote, the day will immediately end and that player will be killed.
- - For even numbers, that's half the players plus one. So, 6 votes would be enough to kill with either 10 or 11 surviving players.
- If a majority vote is reached, no more posts are allowed.
- - I will be trying to check often enough to end the day when a majority is hit, but am relying on some good faith from players to recognize when a majority is hit.
- - If a player/mod mentions that a majority has been reached, do not keep posting. Doing so will result in warnings that will lead to a mod-kill.
- If there is no kill decided by the end-of-day deadline, the player with the most votes will be killed.
- If the votes are tied at the end-of-day deadline, Sudden Death will take place.
- - Sudden Death lasts for 12 hours.
- - During Sudden Death, only votes for the tied players will be counted.
- - If any of the tied players moves ahead on votes, the day will immediately end and that player will be killed.
- - In the case of 3+ players tied on votes, if a player falls behind the others on votes, they will be removed from the Sudden Death scenario and votes for them will be void.
- At the end of each Day, killed players will be revealed, along with their alignment and role description. At this point, the next Night Phase will begin.

The Endgame:
- Warnings will be given when Town are in a LYLO situation.
- - LYLO is "Lynch or Lose" and refers to a situation where a wrong kill will result in a Town loss.
- The game will end when all Mafia players are killed, or when Town do not hold a majority.
- - For example, if 4 players remain and 2 are Mafia, the Mafia team will immediately win, regardless of phase or circumstance.
- Any Independent players will win alongside one of the factions.
- - In these cases, the win will be listed as "Town/Mafia + Independent Win".
- Post-game, I will post a list of all actions, as well as a range of relevant stats and the full setup.

If you think there's anything missing here or have any questions about any of this, PM me separately instead of posting here. Thanks!


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