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Below are the guidelines which Fun tournaments will follow from now on. They are mostly the same as the official guidelines which we have been using anyway, with a few changes to how no shows are treated.

1) If you timeout in a Fun tournament, the outcome of the game is then left to the hosters decision.

1.1) The hoster may choose to either let the timeout win count or let you replay the match or to have a moderator at this time watch you play the cards in the exact spots they were before you timed and this would be at the hosters discretion.

1.2) The only way you can object to rule 1.1 is if six cards minimum had been played in the game and you had a clear win and your opponent CANNOT find a tie, it must be a certain win. We would also need a screen shot of the game to do this. Admin checking games is no longer an option.

1.3) If you were to time out because of connection problems, then rule 1.1 would come into effect but if you had a certain win and your opponent did not have a tie then rule 1.2 could come into effect. (Only thing we can suggest to avoid this situation is to use up to nine minute games if you know you have slow internet or connection problems)

No shows.

If you were to sign up to a Fun tournament and when the round is posted and you don’t post on the thread to initiate communication at all with your opponent or PM your opponent, you will be carded. The way this works is you are allowed to be carded once in the first instance. In the instance of this happening again you will be carded a second time.

1) If you sign up to a Fun tournament and do not post on the round's thread or PM your opponent, you will be carded. Depending on the length of the round, you would have half of what ever the round is to contact your opponent in the thread or PM before you would be subbed in round one. Any other round, the activity win will be given to your opponent.

2) If you then sign up to your next official tournament and do it again in any round, you will be second carded. If you currently have two cards, any point prizes that would be due to be awarded to you in the next Fun tournament you enter will be halved.

3) In the instance of you going to be away in the first few weeks of a round, you will need to PM the tournament host so they know your situation so you are not carded at all. This is totally your responsibility.

4) If you were to be active but still did not post or PM your opponent until the last week or few days of the round, you will still be carded in this instance.

5) If you have been carded once and then go on to play the whole next Fun tournament without being carded again, then the first card you received will be removed and you will not have any cards against you.

6) If you already have two cards and get an activity loss in your next Fun tournament as well, the cards will remain against you until you next finish a tournament without being carded again.

7) If you don't show up for a later round in a Fun tournament where prizes are due to be awarded to you regardless of the result, the prize you receive will be halved and you will also be carded.

Stipulations and wrong cards

1) If Player-A uses a correct hand but Player-B uses an incorrect hand (according to the stips) and Player-A wins the game then the win is his - the game does not need to be replayed. If Player-B wins then the remedy shown below will apply.

2) If there were a stipulation on a match for example, no 7's allowed on any card and then your opponent would go ahead and pick three or more cards with 7's on then this would act as a default and you would have the choice to take the win or make your opponent replay the match. (so the win-claim for wrong cards can be made if there are three or more wrong cards)

1 & 2) If you replay the game, then your opponent MUST only change the wrong cards, the remaining right ones must remain as before. If a game results in a tie after the wrong cards are replaced, then using a new hand would be allowed.

Note that any cards picked up in Fun tournaments will not apply to Official tournaments and vice versa.


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