Card Drops/Points?
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Author:  Triad Freak [ Mon Feb 06, 2017 7:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Card Drops/Points?

General wrote:
[As I said, it seems to have disabled itself for me. I got a decent amount of cards before I just stopped getting any more cards. I walked around for quite a while without getting anything. Could be my bad luck, but I think it's been disabled for me. Likely to limit abuse, but still be viable while you play through the game. I totally get that it's wanted to limit the amount of cards you can get from this, but perhaps make it a monthly limit or something, and not permanent life-time limit! :p

Just to be clear... I used to be able to get at least one if not several per hour, but now I don't get any even if I try for several hours.] Quoted from TF

Hey TF- I believe it is just your file-I say that because I just got these 2 cards, 2 minutes within each-other. I'm not sure if it because you might have too many dupes or if there is a maximum amount of cards you can find on here but in your case-I would talk to Odin/Dalamar and let them tell you. It might also be you might need fury fragment equipped- I keep mine on at all times.

12h18m Monday 06 February - You have found a #571 - Level 2 Jell Eye.
12h18m Monday 06 February - You have found a #1229 - Level 2 Mechanic.

Right after I posted here, I tried to check what the limit might be by checking how many cards I got on each account. I noticed I had exactly 50 cards on one account, and that's a pretty round number, making me think that is the limit. I checked my other account, I didn't have 50 there, far from it, so I tried to walk around a bit. Got a new card after like 2-3 fights. Walked for some few more hundred steps, didn't get any more cards, but I think I can still get cards on that account.

If it is limited to 50, perhaps I should flee from all fights that aren't either a non-card or a rare/semi/unlock or something. xD

Author:  General [ Fri Mar 03, 2017 4:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Card Drops/Points?

I believe your right Triad Freak. I do have a HUGE UPDATE: I was on the map and I ran into a roaming gold coin-beat it physicaly and got this

14h04m Friday 03 March - You have found a #20 - Level 2 Roaming Gold Coin.

This is 1 step away from my guess that HOPEFULLY you can find rares (such as trap door and power seraph) since I have run into these types of monsters before.

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